The role of wire rope in the construction of small pile driver

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Small pile driver in the construction site in the construction of steel wire rope will play an important role, because it itself has a very good performance characteristics, generally divided into the following points:
First, it can pass long distances from the load.
Second, at work, its load factor is very high, with good security. In use, it is safe and reliable.
Third, it's very light weight, transport and carry are very convenient.
Fourth, it can carry a variety of load and variable load, the function is very powerful.
Five, it has a high tensile strength, anti-fatigue strength because of its high strength, so long service life.
Six, it can work in high-speed working conditions, because it is very wear-resistant, seismic, stable operation.
Seven, with good corrosion resistance, in acidic and alkaline environment can also be used.