How many piling machines?

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With the sustained and stable development of China's economy, more and more public infrastructure and real estate construction is put on the agenda, the city can be seen everywhere in the construction of the site, there is a heavy machinery is also essential in these sites That is the piling machine.

Piling machine is the impact of the pile into the ground under a certain depth, because this work needs a great impact, the impact of the supply also need a certain height so the pile driver's body size is relatively large.

According to the working principle can be divided into the following four:

1. Hammer piling machine: he is to rely on gravity to do work, at work, when the weight will be lifted and then free along the guide frame into the ground pile, which is the most primitive pile of the working principle.
2. hammer pile driver: to compressed air and steam as the driving force, the work of compressed air when the hammer to rise, and then the same pressure to the hammer down the impact of piling, hammer piling machine up and down the speed is very fast , When the pile into the ground when the vibration will reduce the friction between the ground and the ground.
3. Diesel hammer piling machine: the use of atomized diesel oil by high temperature or high pressure after the explosion impact to the hammer to rise, and then fall into the road in the work.
4. Hydraulic pile driver: it is also a diesel start, hydraulic as a power according to different soil layer to adjust the pressure to achieve the appropriate impact when the piling, is a new type of pile driver, its energy transfer efficiency can reach 70% To 90%, far higher with the above three kinds of pile driver transmission efficiency, can save a lot of energy, is the new darling received by many construction teams.