Performance characteristics of screw pile driver

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Spiral piling machine power system can be divided into diesel engine, motor, or diesel engine motor with power. Equipped with different operating equipment, can complete a variety of pile foundation construction requirements. The main construction capacity and performance characteristics are as follows:

LD-135 track long screw pile driver

※ with dynamic head, long auger drill pipe can be completed drilling concrete pouring pile, grouting pile.

※ With the new high-frequency vibration hammer to complete the immersed concrete pouring pile, squeezed pile, steel pipe pile, prestressed pipe pile construction.

※ with free fall hoist diesel hammer can play prefabricated pile, prestressed pipe pile.

※ with three-axis power head to complete the construction of underground continuous wall.

※ with spreader can be carried out such as lifting piles and other operations.

※ screw pile driver pile frame with three fulcrum structure, adjust the pile to facilitate.

※ hydraulic, electric track drive smooth, low noise, easy maintenance, high construction efficiency.

※ configuration imported from South Korea love oxygen resistant company tracked (track shoe, link), good toughness, high strength, low failure rate, long service life.

※ configuration imported from South Korea love the company supporting the wheel, flexible rotation, good sealing, long life.

※ Power head optional frequency control, to adapt to different drilling diameter and construction methods.

※ According to user requirements tank can be equipped with heating system, suitable for construction in cold areas.

※ The main hoist can be equipped with the maximum lifting force alarm device to ensure that special construction requirements.