Shandong Leader ready to respond to the national "area along the way" policy

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December 31, 2016, jointly organized by a number of authoritative "2016 China Construction Machinery Top Ten News" review activities held in Beijing. After a number of industry leaders and experts on-site review, "2016 China Construction Machinery Ten News" officially released, as the industry to sort out and sum up the past year, industry and market development trend of the important channels.

In the selection of the top ten news, a news is particularly noticeable: November 8, 2014, National President Xi Jinping in the Internet partnership dialogue conference announced that China will invest 40 billion US dollars to set up Silk Road Fund to support the " Along the way "project construction. The so-called "along the way", that is, "Silk Road Economic Zone" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road." The "first step" strategic vision of the primary task of "all-round infrastructure and interconnection construction", will be a breakthrough in the transport infrastructure to achieve the early interconnection of Asia, the priority deployment of China and neighboring countries of the railway, highway projects.


  "Along the way" economic strategy for the domestic downturn is the trend of the construction machinery business is undoubtedly a major positive. This is the national level through the construction of the environment and the promotion of policy to promote China's equipment manufacturing industry to the world. This provides a good opportunity for the construction machinery industry to provide good policy support.

Shandong Lida Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Wu Zongqi

As a leader in China's small and medium-sized wheeled cranes and small rotary drilling rigs, Shandong Lida Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. has made remarkable achievements under the leadership of Wu Hongzhao, Chairman of the Board, and Wu Zongqi, General Manager. With international competitiveness, so that people proud of the enterprise of national enterprises.


In 2017, under the leadership of Chairman Wu Hongzhao and General Manager Wu Zongqi, Shandong Lida Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. will rely on "all the way" economic strategy, continue to wind and waves, move forward, to the next level! 

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